Had to share – Osaka – An old friend revisited


I’m sure I’m over posting. But I had to share this moment, shared with a beautiful Eastern Great Egret. I think I know how he feels …

Brian May: A beautiful Eastern Great Egret 28 Jan 2020

Wow !! I didn’t know we were on the Telly !! Cool – hopefully this visibility will help a little, to transform this great historic institution into a major inspiration for future astronomers !

Brian May: Didn’t know we were on the telly Osaka – 28 Jan 2020

Thanks !! Jaime Ortiz Mangado, Pola Mielewczyk, Hanna Cross today and Kyo_jp and all you artists out there ! Believe today !!!

Bri soloing in confetti

Bri with puppet Bri by Pola Mielewczyk

ri in black and white disc top
Photo: Hanna Cross

Bri cartoon by Pola Mielewczyk

An old friend revisited …

Brian May: An old friend revisited

Am I over-posting?

Am I over-posting ?? Probably. It’s probably an after-effect from that epiphany I experienced on Stage in Tokyo Second Night. Driven by anger at myself (only) for allowing myself to skip into a paralysing perception that I was NOT GOOD ENOUGH, I somehow broke into a state of being on stage in which every note felt like an assertion that this what I could do – me myself – and NOBODY else could do. I don’t know if the conviction will last – but so far it seems to have liberated my ability to ENJOY what I’m experiencing and be grateful for it. How will tonight’s show be ? How fascinating to find out. 38,000 Osaka QAL Fans will soon be able to tell me !!

Love ya’ll.

OSAKA – the Kyocera Dome. This amazing indoor arena/stadium is big enough to fit our entire outdoor rig in – complete with the ‘header’ that we’ve never put up until now – which makes a kind of ‘proscenium arch’ above our stage. This is how it will look outdoors in New Zealand and Australia – with the addition of a roof. It’s a new and gradually evolving adventure.OsaLuckily we have a fantastic crew and production team who make sure it all goes up and flies !!

Brian May and Roger Taylor survey Osaka Stadium rig 28 Jan 2020

Yep — as Rog says … just another club gig !

Video footage of the Osaka Dome courtesy of Roger Meddows Taylor. With a surprise guest appearance …


Bri X

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