Queen and The Queen on a coin


Brian showing commemorative coin

Queen and the Queen on a coin ?? It’s one of those “Who on Earth would have imagined it?” moments ! And we are fortunate to have so many !!! What would my Mum and Dad say ? This is the stuff of crazy dreams !! Well, thanks Royal Mint for this honour !!!

Silver coin - one face


Gold coin - front and back

Ha ha ! I found another pic from that coin session. This one has a bit of a trick to it ! Sleight of hand ? !

Bri shows coin - sleight of hand

Showing how these QUEEN AND THE QUEEN coins are attractively packaged !

Bri showing coin packaging

I don’t know where Rebecca Ryder finds these things but … thanks !!! A little piece of history here Rog, great actor John Hurt, Deacy, me, and Dominique, Roger’s lady. Around 1980 ? But I’m guessing.

Roger, John Hurt, John Deacon, Bri and Dominique Beyrand
Via Rebecca Ryder  – original source unknown

Irrashaimasseeee … !!! Band night out !!!

Band night out

Magic ?! Or classical mechanics ? Or is it the way I spin ’em ?!! (photography by Tyler Warren)

Magic or classical mechanics ?


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