Prayers for Boris Johnson – Home Care – Finally … Pre-order Get Up !


Prayers for Boris Johnson And thoughts about what we might be missing as regards natural immunity from Covid-19. I have more thoughts on how the CoronaVirus mounts its attacks, which maybe I’ll put up tomorrow.

Brian May: Prayers for Boris Johnson – 7 April 2020

Home care of your loved ones if they get sick with the CoronaVirus.

These are tips on treatment at home which I feel are not widely enough considered. Please share if you think they might be helpful.

Brian May: Home Care for Loved Ones Sick with CoronaVirus – 7 April 2020

Cheers all

– Bri

FINALLY !!! You can pre-order GET UP ! Please DO !!! This release means a lot to me for a number of reasons – I feel it will genuinely bring rays of hope to many who are in the darkness – and Talia and the girls have put themselves bravely on the line with almost no resources – to launch at an almost impossible time. I guess what I’m saying is I’m proud of this – and proud of them – and even a little bit proud of myself for being the catalyst to make it happen. Preorder and be the first to experience the the full force of the GET UP experience !!!

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