I, Who Have Nothing – Microconcerto 23 – Time Exposure


I, Who Have Nothing

Sung by Kerry Ellis last week in her live IG concert Number 3. An amazing performance by the luminous Kerry of a song we often did live together in tour in those Golden Days. My track is very imperfect – but I like the spontaneity of a Take-1 trial. There’s a story there – tell ya later.

For now, dear folks, just enjoy this perfectly dramatic song, in a true ‘moment’. Wish I’d written it !!!


Brian May and Kerry Ellis snippet Kerry IG concert No O3 – 09 May 2020

I, Who Have Nothing – microconcerto 23.

Brian May: I Who Have Nothing Micro Concerto 23 – 9 May 2020

This is the backing track I sent to Kerry Ellis two weeks ago for her live IG concert. Yes… there’s a story. Give me a little while. But meanwhile, if you’re in the bath (or even if not!) have a sing of this wonderful dramatic ditty !!`z`z

Had to share this beautiful time exposure by my dear astrophotographer friend Jamie Cooper.

Time exposure by Jamie Cooper

You might like to ask your kids, or your younger bro’ or sis’ … “What is going on here ? What is moving ?“ See what answers you get ! Jamie’s vision was to juxtapose Cosmic motion with Human motion. So how long do you think this exposure was ?! What does it make you think ? Enjoy ! And there’s a lot more great astro photos on Jamie’s IG.


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