Get Up – Radio X – Lorraine


One more teaser —- forgive me —- I’m planning to be speaking to Chris Moyles on Radio X this morning at 9.20 am !!! Shock horror !!! That’s 4 hours time !! Better get some shuteye ! I’ll be talking about the massively therapeutic effect the new @kingsdaughterss single “GET UP” is going to have on the world’s humans !!! See ya there – I’ll be the one with the bleary eyes !!!

Bohemian Rhapsody - Best of British Radio X"

Thanks RADIO X listeners for voting us number 1 in Best of British !!! You all have impeccable taste ! Thanks also Chris Moyles for a great interview this morning – and for supporting “GET UP” !!! – SEE (as well as hear) the interview on the Radio X website !!!

Queen's Brian May with Lorraine Kelly

I’m chatting with LORRAINE in the morning (Wednesday) at 9.20 am – talking about the new single “GET UP” and the very naughty but very talented Kings Daughters.

Of course this picture shows how it was LAST time I was on her show [Lorraine Kelly] – when the world was a different place – a place we may never quite see again. This time I will be Skyping from my living room – actually from the sofa where I do my MicroConcerts. Maybe the guitar will appear too !!!

See ya there ! #heygetup