Perseids night – Elis and John – Big thanks all you guys


Bri and Meteor Shower by Marilyn Chaparro
©Marilyn Chaparro

Thanks Marilyn Chaparro for this stunning memento of the Perseids night. So happy that so many of you folks got out to see them.

Let’s do it again next time !

Elis and John – Briday launch interview by Brian May

Elis and John Briday launch special interview !! This is a belated post from me, but prerecorded just before my Big Day, it offers some different slants on Back to the Light. BIG THANKS to Elis and John. Radio 5

BIG thanks to all you guys for giving so much. The Bri Army has been rockin’ – and I’m very grateful. Wish I could thank every one of you individually. Apologies for my quietness. Briday ushered in a period of tough calls for your commanding officer – and only now does the smoke of the battle start to clear. Stay strong !! All your efforts are appreciated.