Yikes !!! Live !!! In person – Thank you


Yikes !!! LIVE !!! In person !!! This will be the very first time I’ve pressed that button and gone live on IG. I will have all three of those naughty Kings Daughters gals live beside me ready to answer your questions. How ? It’s a secret ! I had this idea to mix two different digital media in a truly old-school low-tech way. I don’t know if it’s ever been done before. Will it work ? We’ll find out Sunday evening !!!

Before this lockdown happened, the launch for the GET UP single was scheduled for today. Of course it had to be cancelled because we are all now staying at home. So we came up with this idea to stage a launch party to which we can invite everyone in the world ! I think it may be the first interactive lockdown launch in the world! I will be mixing media, but all you need to participate is your Instagram feed, and a drink! We will be doing questions and answers, launching the track internationally with a toast, and playing the video to the world ! This is an invitation you cannot possibly refuse !!!

See you there !!

Get Up Launch Party

Brian and Anita clap for carers 23 April 2020

THANK YOU again to those who are fighting for our people.

Bri & Anita

@ brianmay.com