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Is it LIVE ?? Ooops ! Sorry – no – Live TOMMOROW at MIDDAY !!!

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“Keep Yourself Alive – Queen’s 1st memorable moment – Watch the first in the series of Queen The Greatest! Presented in chronological order, the series will take us from Queen’s earliest shows at London’s Rainbow and Odeon through vast arenas across the entire world on a journey culminating with the band’s latest record setting achievements with Adam Lambert.

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Wanna come ? To ASTROFEST and Beyond !!! This time in GLORIOUS 3-D !!!

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Brian May: Wanna come to Astrofest? 2021

Hello Folks

[E&OE – Jen Tunney]

It’s Brian here – Brian May. I want to talk to you about Astrofest. Now I’ve been going to Astrofest for many years and I’ve always loved it. You get to go and rub shoulders with lots of great people who have the same kind of passions as we do and in Kensington Town Hall. Used to go down there. I’ve talked many times. Sometimes we – Patrick Moore our dear uncle, who’s no longer here sadly, but the spirit of Astrofest is very strong. This year of course because of COVID it can’t carry on the same way but this year Astrofest for the first time is virtual. It will be online and of course there are disadvantages to that. It’s not the same social experience but the advantage is you don’t have to go out of your home to attend Astrofest. You can participate in all the wonderful things that happen at Astrofest including buying lots of stuff that you don’t really need and you can see lots of great talks and do lots of great interacting you can do, all online. You don’t have to leave your house and if you’re out of town or out of the country you can still be part of Astrofest.

So for the first time hopefully we’ll welcome people from States and from Europe, from Australia – who knows

So I’m here to kind of advertise that fact but I’m also here to say that I’m going to talk. One of the talks will be mine and I will be attempting to do it in stereo. So I’ll be showing you lots of nice astronomical stereo pictures and I’ve been involved in this for a long time as you probably know. Now you can enjoy it in 2-D – just normal look at it like this but if you have some device or some means of looking at stereo pictures 3-D pictures properly, then you’ll get much more of what I’m trying to say because it will all be about stereo.

How do you do this?

Well you need some kind of stereoscope or stereoscopic viewer. This is the easiest thing. This is our Lite OWL. Now I’m getting into advertising. Now this is a London Stereoscopic Company Lite OWL. Very simple device but actually has some subtleties to it ,which make life easier if you’re trying to view – you can use your laptop. Now I would suggest hopefully you will be seeing something like this on the screen. I don’t know if you’re actually going to see me in stereo. We’ll see about that – but you’ll definitely be seeing lots of stereo astronomical pictures like this on the screen.

Don’t make them too much bigger than this. Adjust your zoom settings or whatever they are so that the thing is about five inches across and then you can use your Lite OWL to look at it like this and you’ll find a certain distance where you can see it pretty much fine that’s a reasonable way To look at it.

But there are better ways. One of them is this. Actually I don’t know if it’s better but it’s different. This is our Steampunk OWL, which has certain advantages, One of the main advantages being that it won’t break in your pocket, but this is our new product and we really like this as well. It also has a slightly different optical function. If you want the deluxe method this is what you do.

We would like to sell you and we’re going to give you a special discount because we want people to just get into this. I’m a sort of evangelist for a stereo and I don’t really care how much. It’s not about making money it’s just about getting this magic across. This is what we sell in the London Stereoscopic Company and you can get it half price, I’ll tell you how in a minute.

For Astrofest if you want to just do that, this is the old outstandingly wide lens stereoscope, which I invented some time ago. I didn’t invent the stereoscope – Charles Wheatstone did that in 1832, but I did design this one and it’s done very well. It’s become kind of a standard and a lot of people in NASA are now using it, which makes me very happy because I’m actually working with some of these people now.

It looks like this out of the box and what you do is you will get me instead of getting me on the laptop or getting Astrofest on the laptop, hopefully you will get it on your phone – so something like this a Smartphone, preferably a big one – the iPhone Plus is very good because it’s the perfect size. So if you get one of these OWL VR Kits – we call it VR Kits because you can do virtual reality on this as well but we use it for stereoscopy mainly. So your OWL VR Kit has a magnetic back and you get a little foil piece to put on the back of your phone with the kit, which means that the phone will just lock onto the back plate. The back plate- like this – so suddenly you’ve transformed your Smartphone into a stereoscope and you’ll see in here I have one of the pictures which we put together from the latest Mars mission and Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover, which is currently taking amazing stereoscopic pictures, roving around the surface of Mars, I’m going to show you some of these on the night [at] Astrofest .

So this is your stereoscope and this is really the deluxe method of looking at things. This particular feature is called “Harbor Seal Rock” and it’s very near where the Perseverance rover landed. I’ll be showing you some of these things on the screen.

If you want one of these I can tell you if you go to the London Stereoscopic Company online store and you quote this code – I will say this only once – a f c c 3 d – all lower case i see – maybe twice a f cc 3d. Quote that number and you can have any one of these viewers at half price or a number of them if you want to give some to your family because they’re a lot of fun.

Also just supposing you didn’t already have a ticket for Astrofest. you can get one now and I’m going to put the the link for that in my slink [And HERE – ] very soon hopefully the London Stereoscopic Company Link is always in my slink that’s the thing which is in the – I should tell you what that is – yeah that’s the bio in my Instagram account. Most of the stuff i do I put on Instagram these days so follow me if you want to see lots of astro stuff and some music stuff as well. Sometimes, sometimes some animal stuff – who knows what. There is lots of stereoscopy though – so if you go to my Instagram account I’m called brianmayforreal. Look in the bio and there’s a thing called a slink there at the bottom. Press on that and all my links are in there including London Stereoscopic company where you can buy any of this crap. Yeah,yeah that’s dangerous territory i know i think it’s all the most amazingly beautiful wonderful magical stuff – the best crap you can get and you can also get a ticket for London’s … for the Astrofest.

So come. You don’t have to get on a plane or a train or in a car. You can just come to Astrofest and have lots of fun and share your passion for astronomy and hopefully stereoscopy with the rest of us who are bitten by this magical thing. So I’ll see you there okay 0 but get one of these ahead of time and then you can enjoy what I’m gonna present at its full power okay.

That’s the [a] lot guys.