Don’t miss first showing – Stonehenge – Hold everything !


Driven By You premiere ad

Don’t miss the first showing of our brand new video edit of DRIVEN BY YOU – on the official Brian May Youtube channel. There’s a ‘Come Back’ holding thing on there right now. And the video appears as if by magic on Friday. Gotta say all this stuff is a maze to me !

Well, not sure we caught the perfect sunset – but we did witness a perfect ‘strawberry’ Moonrise over Stonehenge. Imperfect photos – but wanted to share. Swipe for parallel stereo, mono, and cross eyed stereo. Also – watch out TONIGHT, Thursday, if the weather is good – for the proper Full Moon. Should look nice just after sunset.

Enjoy, dear folks.

Stonehenge 01
Image 01
Stonehenge 02
Image 02
Stonehenge 03
Image 03
Stonehenge 04
Image 04
Stonehenge 05
Image 05
Stonehenge 06
Image 06
Stonehenge 07
Image 07

Wait ! Hold everything ! This is a classic ! Honours to Rachel [@curio_curator] and this magnificent puss !