Hi Folks – On My Way Up Number One – Stereoscopy Day – New video


Hi Folks

I haven’t seen you for a while… …

It was all a big big flurry on the day of the launch. Thank you for being with me at that time. It’s quite strange to be so much in contact with everybody and then suddenly not being in contact.

Actually the reward of my launch was great . Everybody was really happy and gave me great feedback from it. Thank you very much but the other reward i got was getting some horrible virus which is not COVID obviously because I’m not testing positive but something which has made me
quite poorly.

So I haven’t been around much but the record is out there and this record I can’t believe it is number one. I’m utterly thrilled, being a man of of a ripe old age of 136.

This gives me great pleasure. It’s great that it’s on the digital formats and you can get it you can download it. You can stream, whatever… but to me this is still a great joy to have this out there. Something you can hold, touch and put on a on a record player – well a CD player – and enjoy this gives me even more pleasure because it’s the seven inch it’s the seven inch single and that’s the way i used to buy singles when i was a kid and they smell good and they feel good and yeah I used to go to Hounslow and buy my Buddy Holly records like this. This comes in a nice inner bag and when you take it out of your bag it is very beautiful.

Do this gives me great pleasure and I hope it will give lots of you pleasure out there.

Thank you for supporting me. I feel like it’s been a great journey, happy that everything is out there and I’ll try and keep you a bit more personally posted as we head into the next part of the Queen journey. Queen and Adam Lambert will be back out on the road pretty soon and we’ll be running,
rehearsing next week. So look out – we’ll come into a town near you, okay!

Lots of love.

Take care everybody

Stereoscopy Day

Yay !!! More details soon ! Or visit LondonStereo.com right now !

Ready ! New video for Another World is ready to go up on YouTube 12 noon today British Summer Time.

BriStereoscopy Day