‘Eclipse’ of the Sun by Phobos


Remember that ‘eclipse’ of the Sun by Phobos I posted couple of weeks ago ? Here is it now beautifully converted by Claudia Manzoni into a 3-D movie – this would have been the view you’d have got of this event if you’d been standing in Mars with (protected!) eyes a few hundred miles apart ! It’s real time – so this capture by the Perseverance Mastcam-Z team was brilliantly well judged.

Of course we should be calling this a ‘transit’ rather than an eclipse, because Phobos is too small to cover the Sun’s disc from that vantage point.

Claudia has aligned the images so that the motion of Phobos is horizontal, giving us a perfect stereo effect.

SEE BELOW Parallel or cross-eyed views.



Cheers !