My launch day !!! – Transmissions – Another World – Bri-Art Book


YES !!! I hope to be transmitting via Bri-TV LIVE about 30 MINUTES from now on IG – starting with a Zoom call to Chris Moyles on Radio X – who is kindly gonna play something from Another World and kick-start my launch. Then I hope to be in your phones and screens for a couple of hours or so. Then a special announcement at 12 noon. Then I’ll be making my way over to Greenwich and will resume transmissions when we are set – not sure what time that will be. But the show proper will start at 7.30pm British Summer Time. See ya there !


Launch tape Number 1 !!!:

Launch Day Tape 2:

Launch Tape Number 3:

Launch Tape Number 4

Hoorah ! ANOTHER WORLD is climbing the charts !! Thanks folks ! Bri-Army doing a GREAT JOB !!!

Another World climbing charts

We sold out in 6 minutes !!! I’m thrilled. BIG THANKS to you guys who have invested. You’ve made a fantastic contribution to Save-Me – and also made it possible for us to offer the main edition at a low price so everyone can enjoy it. Secret link for purchase of Deluxe Edition of The Bri-Art Collection now expired. There are only 15 of these. Good luck – and thanks – your purchase will support SAVE-ME – caring for Britain’s wild animals 365 days a year. Every copy personally signed and dedicated.

Signed Bri-Art book plus Brian

Signed Bri-Art book

Launch Tape Number 5 – Ronnie !:

Launch Tape Number 6 Talia Dean !

Launch Tape Number 7 – Vanessa Grein / Jazminka:

Launch Tape Number 8 – Fat Bottomed Badger – Kelly (stereos ‘n stuff):

Launch Tape Number 9 (?8):

Launch Tape Nuner 10 – Stephanie:


Onwards !!! Thanks for being with me …


Danger – people at work. It’s a very different kind of gig. This is a Planetarium gig as opposed to the kind of gigs that we normally do and it’s a beautiful place. It’s in Greenwich and this is a rehearsal. I know it looks chaotic but it will be fine on the night.  This is where we will be and, of course, this is the business end. This is what we will be looking at. This is the sky as only a Planetarium can show it to you. I’m going to come back in a minute.  I’ll find somewhere I can speak to you guys okay.
No, I don’t need more light.  It’s better this way, okay.  I can’t say too much now because we’re just kind of at the end of the rehearsals period and just about to get the people in, but here we are.  We’ve rehearsed it all. I think it all works. It’s beautiful. Can’t wait for you to see it. We will film it. Pete will be down here filming it and iI hope you enjoy the show.

There’s a number of segments some of which will be surprising, I think, and some of some of which will be extremely surprising, but this is a beautiful place. Just look at this – and when this dome lights up, it’s beautiful, like this when the lights go down and the stars come out. Oh boy, it’s very pretty so I can’t wait to get this the road. The next time you see me I think I will be kind of in the audience, approaching the stage for our Q&A ,with the wonderful Simon Lupton.

God bless you all. Thank you for being with us. I hope you enjoy “Another World”. God bless.



We got here ! Way across town is this wonderful ancient monument which is the Royal Observatory Greenwich. We’re in the Green Room – a lovely circular loft room which used to be a small planetarium in itself, but now serves as an archive and library and … Green Room ! Hoping we will get the opportunity to run the show, so we can iron out any last-minute glitches. Showbiz ! Ha ha ! See you soon !

Launch - Brian in The Green Room


Bri X