The Magic of a NUMBER ONE – Lost Launch tape RESCUED


Just wanted all you loyal soldiers to know your work supporting my launch was VERY effective !!! Look at this ! THANKS !!! There’s nothing quite like feeling the magic of a NUMBER ONE – even if it’s only for a fleeting moment. That’s how life is. Cheers folks – we’re on our way UP ! Straight to the TOP !!!

Album and Singles Chart update 23/04/2022


Ah … and it looks like the recording of my IG transmission of the entire launch got lost in the ether when we tried to ‘share’ it. So if anyone out there recorded it when it was live, I’d really love to see it ! [NOW RESOLVED]

Thanks – Bri

ANOTHER WORLD – The Lost Launch Tape !

The INSTAGRAM live feed – filmed hand-held by Pete Malandrone on my iPhone – in the Planetarium at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, 22nd April 2022. Finally rescued ! Sorry you can’t really see the stars in this recording – we’re working on an Internet friendly version for a little later.

Brian May, Another World Launch

The album is now Universally available — SEE HERE. And the video for ON MY WAY UP is on my YouTube channel.

Cheers all and thanks to all of you contributed – you know who you are !!!