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Steve Streeter wrote:

Dear Brian,

Like so many others I meet, our passion and concern for animal welfare is huge. There are many groups and organisations, hopefully addressing this problem, and doing more than we realise. Like myself, many people have little money, power or influence. We give as much as we are able in time, money, effort and help in all domestic and wild animal appeals, shops and events etc. With all due respect to the people who can make a difference, eg politicians, our genuine fear is that these same people don’t realise or understand the strength of feelings in the UK, for animal welfare. Many people I know personally, suffer anxiety, stress, anger and deep sorrow, on hearing of domestic/wild life cruelty, killings and neglect to name but a few. They are also angry and very disappointed why animals are given such a low priority. Certain people and governments who could end much of this needless madness, do nothing. After-all, it is as usual, the two legged species doing the damage, cruelty and killing. It matters not what views people have on let’s say, gay’s or immigrants for eg. The fact is, if animals were born in one or both of these catergories, they would have the full weight of British/international law to support them. Animals appear not to be worthy, yet share the same emotions and feelings, as the two legged homo sapien. Of course, in many ways they are far more advanced than us. Would some-one also tell us why the RSPCA are in most cases, difficult and expensive to contact. Also, why o why don’t they respond to calls of help, or act on information given. I have recently had letters from them on a cruelty and illegal dog breeding case that I reported. From their letters, and other sources, and apparently due to staff/money shortages, and unbelievably, due to some laws /rulings they can not act in many cases. In my case they could not act, as they had no power to act on the info I gave, and apart from that, there were other rulings they had to follow. I was told by the RSPCA, to try my local council etc, and after much time, effort, and money, and sent from pillar to post, there was a glimmer of hope. A local council enforcement officer is going to investigate all the info I supplied, and if it goe’s well, apply to a magistrate for a warrant. If this fails I (we ) have nowhere else to turn, the scum knowing the system, get away with it. Most importantly, the many breeds of dogs suffering in hell for such a long time, that I reported, will be left helpless, in continuing cruelty and suffering. PLEASE, PLEASE, for Christ sake, would you and others in your positions, push for ALL organisations and especially the RSPCA, to have total control and powers in law, to protect animals, and act swiftly. Due to protection acts, the law here and rulings there, all these animal help organisations as things stand, can hardly do anything to protect or rescue animals. In the RSPCA literature/letters etc, all we get is please report to us any cruelty or trafficking etc etc, and assuring us they are determined to take action. They can in reality do very little as the laws stand, and offering animals very little protection. To repeat, we need to swiftly get the laws changed to give the RSPCA, and others, the tools to act on all reports quickly, and take immediate lasting action Nothing should be a barrier to them. Please politicians and like minded influential people, do something now. To finish, and I am sure no-one needs reminding, but let us please help the following all we can: dog/cat cruelty for their fur in China/Korea.

Bear bile farming in China.

The capturing/ killing of big cats, especially Tigers.

The killing of Gorilla’s.

The list goe’s on, but to cap it all, if this is not enough, most recently the news is that Romanians are culling thousands of stray dogs by beating to death. I protested in my own pathetic little way about this barbaric cruelty, created by the Romanians to start with. I managed to get one feeble letter from their Orthodox church, stating some non profit making groups ???? in Romania, are trying to raise awareness of this problem ( their words ). I also understand that the EU has the signatures from all member states and others, to take action on animal welfare issues. Great, but will these same signatures take strongly the enforcement side of it ???

All best wishes, and on behalf of others,
Mr Steve Streeter 15/11/2013

Brian replied:

Dear Steve.

Thanks for the letter. I think you express the frustration we all feel.

I wish I could answer the questions you raise. All I can say is these very questions are the reason people like me become angry enough to plunge in and try to make a difference. But it’s endlessly frustrating and disappointing. You have described a bleak scenario, but I’m sorry to tell you what you describe is only the tip of an unspeakably ugly iceberg. It’s worse than this. And not appreciably improving. And there are reasons why we struggle endlessly for such little gain – there are nasty evil people and organisations all over the world which fight endlessly to keep things as they are … because they benefit from abusing animals, in Power, or Money, or Pleasure.

These are the questions which you would hope would make people in the end have to get off their backsides and DO something.

But sadly not many do. Thanks Steve.

Use your anger and compassion as driving forces.



Dear Brian

…. thought you would like to hear some brilliant news. Just after sending my e-mail to you, i received a phone call. I was told that all our efforts to trace the scum cruelly treating and illegally breeding many dogs ( as in my original letter to you ) has paid dividends. The local enforcement officer and RSPCA, are now going to act, on our information. It may have taken much time, effort and money, but we got there. At least one bit of good news.

Best wishes, Steve Streeter. 18/11/2013.

Brian replied:

Well, some good results.

Well done Steve.

Keep us updated – more power to ya.