Medical Testing


Marion wrote:

Hi Brian

I was saddened to read a newspaper article regarding the British medical institute defending its use of animals for testing but the worst part was the numbers.

Apparently between 48 universities and medical research centres, more than 1.3 million animals were murdered in the past 12 months.

These included mice, rats, fish, chickens, frogs, birds, 124 monleys and 6 emus. That seems like an awful lot of animals to die! What makes us so high and mighty that we can just use these lives for our own use? How many die before they get a good result? it just seems that these poor animals are nothing more than a number and they were unlucky enough to be born for lab use. Surely their life is worth something more than just torment at the hands of scientists who have no concern for the life they are destroying. I don’t suppose anything will change, maybe they should experiment on themselves.

Ok, I’ve had my little rant but I don’t feel better for it, Marion

Brian replied: