Brian and Freddie as… Sims? (3D model-type-things)


Mia wrote:

Dear Dr. May, I would start off with my usual rant about how brilliant, talented, and creative you are, but I think you’ve heard that sort of thing many times before, so I’ll just move on…

I have a thing for making movies and stories out of the computer game The Sims 3, which is basically a 3D human simulation game in which you can personalize your 3D characters to death. A few days ago, I became determined to tell one of my stories…which happened to involve you and Mr. Mercury. So what did I do? I made you both into Sims! I know you enjoy visual renderings like this, so I figured you might find them amusing…

So…here’s you:

Sims Brian

…and here’s Freddie:

Sims Freddie

And if you’d like to see them both in goofy, 3D-animated action, here’s the very quirky yet very true video they’re in:

The Millionaire Waltz: A (True) Sims 3 Story

I hope you see this, and if you do, I hope you enjoy! I mean…you ARE my musical idol, no doubt!

With great appreciation,

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