More ’39 Vocal Questions!!


Hi Brian

The recent question on your letters page regarding the vocals on ’39 has got me to thinking of a related question(s);

Back in ‘the old days’ of Queen live shows with Freddie, was there ever any thought as to you singing ’39 live, as per the record? Roger got to give the definitive live version of ‘I’m In Love With My Car’, and I always wondered if it was 10ur decision, or a band one, to not have you replicate your lead vocals on that track? (Freddie obviously sang it very well though!) On ‘……Car’ Freddie could remain on stage playing the piano, so maybe with ’39, the fact that he would have been left at a loose end other than the chorus harmonies was a factor in this? Perhaps the same decision was taken which resulted in Freddie always singing the live lead on ‘Modern Times Rock n Roll’ even though Roger sang it on the record?

On a related point, did you guys ever rehearse any other tracks to play live with yourself or Roger taking lead vocals? You each usually took a track each on most of the early albums, so did perhaps ‘Long Away’, ‘Drowse’, ‘Some Day One Day’ etc ever get considered for the stage? It would be great to know these little tidbits of info!

Many thanks and best wishes

Chris Smith (Kent)

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