Question about concert 2012 at Hammersmith Apollo


Christoph Mauder wrote:

Dear Mr. May, First of all: Thank you for your music! It’s always a pleasure to hear queen-songs. 🙂 I could write pages of pages (but as a german I would write it in my language. :)) what queen-songs mean to me.

So, I’ll keep it short, I have only one question: At the beginning of the concert (by the way: it was amazing, thrilling and extraordinary), there was a sound in the flash-song, maybe a sample, I never heard before, shortly before the curtain was lifted.

Would you be so kind to tell me where is it from ? Or did you created it by yourself ? Today I saw “Doctor Who” and I supposed that its the sound of the tardis ?!

Thanks for your answer,

Chris from Germany.

Ps: my son would be sad, if I wouldn’t tell you that he is a big fan of Queen, too. 🙂

Brian replied SEE SOAPBOX