Garth Brooks’ cover of Somebody To Love


Sami Moor wrote:

Hi Brian

I just got my copy of Garth Brooks’ new 6 CD Set “blame it all on my roots”. It’s a collection of covers of songs that he loved to listen to before he became “Garth” to the world and behold, on the “Classic Rock” CD there’s a coverversion of “Somebody to love”!

And you know what? It’s f***ing awesome!!!!

Now I’ve been a Queen Fan ever since I started listening to Rock Music and am therefor, like all Queen fans, somewhat “protektive” of the music of “my” band. But dammit, this version of Somebody to love is great.

I highly recommend that you should listen to it because I think, that maybe you folks might wanna consider doing something together. I mean, English Rock Legends Queen and Country superstar Garth Brooks, that is such a strange combination that it might actually work!

Oh and by the way, there are also two Paul Rodgers songs on that cd.

OK now. all the best and I’m really forward to that new Queen music

Kind regards


Brian replied:

Many thanks, Sam. I agree with you. Nice job. Garth is not one of the world’s most massive stars ever by accident ! Never met him … but I hope we will.