Jim Beach interview on “Bohemian Rhapsody” Movie


This video is an interview given by Jim Beach to the Italian website BadTaste.it before the Queen + Adam Lambert show in Milan. The interview is in English.

Jim talks about the movie:

EXCL: Jim Beach, manager dei Queen, ci parla di Bohemian Rhapsody

With thanks to: Andrea Martina (Queen Forever Blog)


Are you excited about this movie?

JIM BEACH: But of course, yes! We are all very excited, it is a film about team spirit between the four members of the band It’s an aspect that I know that has captured very well. And the interpretations of Rami Malek and the other protagonists are extraordinary …

Did you follow the production closely?

JIM: Yes, definitely, of course. I’ve been on set for the last two days additional shots of some scenes are underway. Altogether there were four days of additional shooting in London. I was in London because we had a three day break on our tour .. There is a great atmosphere.

How were you involved in making music, musical interpretations?

JIM: Brian and Roger were very involved in the creation of the music. Recreate the voice of Freddie Mercury in the film. It was a very complicated process. We used a lot of Freddie archive material and it was a very complex process. But it was entirely supervised by Brian May and Roger Taylor.

One last question … about Rami Malek. How were you involved in your choice as an interpreter of Freddie Mercury?

JIM: There have been many stories about how Sacha Baron Cohen was involved I can assure you that anything he says is not absolutely true. But it’s not important. Brian and Roger met Rami Malek. We saw his work and decided that he was the perfect person for the part, you will see it’s yourself.