Queen Studio Sound Team “Bohemian Rhapsody” soundtrack secrets


– feature in SOUND ON SOUND Magazine

Queen’s studio sound team – Justin Shirley-Smith, Joshua J Macrae and Kris Fredriksson – were approached for an interview by UK sound technology magazine”‘Sound On Sound” about their work on the “Bohemian Rhapsody” movie and soundtrack CD with a focus on the Live Aid performance. They were, of course, a significant part of the movie sound team who have won Oscars and BAFTAs and practically every other sound award going this season.

The resulting article appeared in April’s ‘Sound On Sound’ in the UK with translations in ‘Sound & Recording’ magazine in Japan and Germany, as well as ‘Interface’ magazine in Holland.

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Inside Track: Queen ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Soundtrack Secrets Of The Mix Engineers:
Justin Shirley-Smith, Joshua J Macrae & Kris Fredriksson Mixing Production
Published April 2019 by Paul Tingen

Queen BR Sound Team - Oscar Night
Oscar Night Photo – Vanity Fair Academy Awards Party: ©2019 Kris Fredriksson
Joshua J Macrae (Queen Music Co-Producer), Kevin Kolovich with wife Nina Hartstone
(Supervising Dialogue and ADR Editor), Stephanié Warhurst with husband John Warhurst
(Supervising Sound and Music Editor), Kris Fredriksson (Queen Music Co-Producer),
Paul Massey (Re-Recording Mixe , Justin Shirley-Smith (Queen Music Co-Producer)