Press Release: Queen Super Fireworks Japan



“A shooting star, leaping through the sky..”
Queen Super Fireworks Japan
Presented by Osaka Great Sky Art Committee
Tokyo Bay/Urayasu Great Sky Art Committee
Miyazaki Seaside Great Sky Art Committee

Have achieved stratospheric ticket sales with their Freddie Mercury homage picture “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Queen’s music will literally take to the skies across Japan when the band is celebrated with “Queen Super Fireworks – Rhapsody in the Sky”, three massive firework events taking place across Japan in November.

Officially approved by Queen, and the first of their kind, the Super Firework events will light up the night skies with 13000 fireworks synched to Queen’s music in a one hour spectacle. The locations are Osaka Maijima Sports Island (November 3), Chiba Urayasu (November 16) and Miyazaki (November 30).

Always one of Queen’s most faithful markets since its first 1975 tour, Japan embraced ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ to the point of becoming a national cultural obsession. It’s reported that even the country’s conservative prime minister, SHinzo Abe, went to see the film on New Year’s Day. The film’s current box office earnings of close on $116 million places it second in the world only behind US revenues. Tickets for the band’s five January 2020 Japan concerts are already sold out half a year in advance.

Says Brian May: “Japan is special place for Queen. We are very excited to hear that the Japanese traditional firework will light up the sky with our music. In 2020, we will be coming back to Japan for a tour so it’s great that there are many opportunities for the fans to enjoy our music. I wish I could be there to see it! ”

Roger Taylor: “Japan was one of the first countries to welcome us. I was very surprised to see the reactions from the fans when I first came to Japan. It was almost like a firework. It’s been 50 years since then and it’s great that there is a firework event with Queen’s music. Hope you enjoy the Queen fireworks this year and our tour next year!”

Ryo Ohya, one of the best firework choreographers in Japan and recognized throughout the world will be producing the spectacle with the fireworks created by Ohya and the Great Sky Art team. Great Sky Art is recognized as the best musical firework team in Japan. Its work has included the firework event in Kyoto commemorating the enthronement of Emperor Crown Prince Naruhito in May as well as various firework events in Sapporo, Nagoya, Fukuoka

Explaining the unique concept of the event, the organisers say: “Recently, it’s been popular to use music at the climax of firework events but ‘Queen Super Fireworks – Rhapsody in the Sky’ will be the first firework event with Queen’s music used for the entire 1 hour show.

“Fireworks are controlled by 1/30 of a second to be synched with rhythms, melodies, sounds, lyrics and vocals of Queen’s music. It is almost like a movie with a story and will be very emotional to the fans. Queen’s classic hits with beautiful melodies and complex structure will create a special chemistry with the fireworks – Queen as you have never seen them before.”

“Queen Super Fireworks” will be fully seated so audiences can sit back and relax and enjoy the firework ‘as you would enjoy the movie’. Details will be different with each venue and are to be announced separately.