Press Release: Queen Exhibition Japan Osaka cancellation


Queen Exhibition Japan

QUEEN EXHIBITION JAPAN -Bohemian Rhapsody- Osaka Takashimaya cancellation announcement

We have been preparing for the opening of Queen Exhibition Japan at Osaka Takashimaya, however, following the guidelines provided by the government on “Basic Policies for Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus” and Experts advice on measures to be taken for Novel Coronavirus, as well as to give respect to the intention of Takashimaya Co., Ltd. we will cancel the Queen Exhibition Japan at Osaka Takashimaya scheduled to be held between Wednesday 25 March through Monday 6 April. Hereby we would like to offer our most sincere apology for those customers who have been excited for this exhibition to take place. Ticket refund details will be announced on our official website shortly.

Currently ongoing exhibition taking place at Yokohama Asobiru will continue to be held until the originally scheduled closing date of Sunday, 22 March, while NoveCoronavirus infection and spread prevention measures are taken.

As for the Queen Exhibition Matsuzakaya Nagoya (Aichi venue) scheduled to be held between Saturday 18 April through Sunday 10 May, as it stands, we are preparing for this exhibition to be held as planned.

We appreciate your understanding in advance.