Queen The Greatest – Episode 22

Photo Credit: Barry Bowden
Photo Credit: Barry Bowden

Queen The Greatest”: a celebration of 50 of the greatest moments from the Queen story so far. A 50-week YouTube series celebrating key moments in Queen’s history reminding us why Queen and their music continue to beloved across the world.

Queen The Greatest Episode 22. Brian May’s Hits

Queen: Brian May’s Hits (Episode 22)

Celebrating five of Queen’s biggest hits, all written by the band’s iconic lead guitarist Brian May. Including classics such as “I Want It All”, “Save Me”, and, of course, “We Will Rock You”.

In a week that is set to see Queen legend Brian May make an impressive return to the upper reaches of music charts with his remastered/repackaged original 1992 solo album ‘Back to the Light’, Queen The Greatest this week continues its celebration of some of the biggest Queen songs by highlighting five classic hits provided by the band’s iconic lead guitarist.

Across Queen’s remarkable recording career, May has contributed some of the band’s most anthemic and best loved songs in the Queen rock canon. These include massive tracks such as “Who Wants To Live Forever”, “Flash”, and “The Show Must Go On”, as well as Queen’s first ever single release, “Keep Yourself Alive”, and the song they performed live more than any other, “Now I’m Here”.

Not overlooking of course the live classic, “Tie Your Mother Down”.

This episode focusing on five Queen hits written by Brian gets underway in 1977, with one of the most recognisable songs in rock history ever – it can only be of course, the enduring stomp, stomp sports staple classic “We Will Rock You”.

The following year saw the release of another live favourite, “Fat Bottomed Girls”.

Then in 1980, for the band’s worldwide smash hit album, ‘The Game’, Brian contributed the stunningly beautiful, “Save Me”.

By the mid eighties, Queen were regularly playing to massive crowds, thanks to having songs that could take the roof off any stadium –including a highlight from ‘The Works’ album – “Hammer To Fall”.

And then in 1989, after a three-year wait for a single release, Queen roared back up the UK charts with the mighty “I Want It All”.

A whistle stop tour through five classic Queen songs, written by the incomparable Brian May.

Queen The Greatest has already highlighted the hits of Roger Taylor and John Deacon. Still to come later in the series are the hits originated by Freddie Mercury.

Next week – 1981 : Queen Rock South America.