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Brian at Tory

You’re never more than 24 hours away from a celebrity at the Tory conference.

If it’s not Boris Johnson, it’s Queen guitarist Brian May (here campaigning for badgers) or a vocalist with the rock group MP4 (better known as Cardiff West Labour MP Kevin Brennan).

Source: BBC WALES – 10 October 2012

Boris Johnson, his double and Brian May share the limelight on a bizarre day at the Tory Conference

BORIS Johnson was the catalyst for a bizarre day at the Tory conference, which saw his bike-riding lookalike bump into Queen guitarist Brian May.

The true blue gathering went Bojo barmy for a second day as the Mayor of London gave a knockabout speech in which he basked in the glow of a successful Olympic Games. But, in typical Boris fashion, events took an unexpected twist, when a double hired by the Police Federation as part of a campaign against cuts, bumped into May – who was in town protesting against a badger culling trial aimed at reducing the spread of tuberculosis in cattle.

May looked a little pensive as Johnson’s doppelganger, Essex-based Drew Galdron, took the chance to show off the Federation’s “Say hello to Dave, wave goodbye to your police service” T-shirts.

Mr Galdron was flanked by Federation members wearing PC Pleb and Proud tops – a reference to embattled Tory chief whip Andrew Mitchell, who opted to miss the conference to avoid his rant against Downing Street cops overshadowing proceedings.

Source: BIRMINGHAM MAIL – 10 October 2012  by Jonathan Walker