Brian and Kerry on BB C Radio Derby


Another interview conducted by Brian and Kerry on Thursday (23 Jan) in the early afternoon was with Andy Potter of BBC Radio Derby, who was talking to them about their forthcoming Candlelight Concert at the Buxton Opera House in February – and touched on subjects like the fluidity of their shows, stereoscopy, and Queen.

Brian May & Kerry Ellis with Andy Potter BBC Radio Derby 23 01 2014

(Transcript by J Tunney)

ANDY POTTER: Brian, if you were to look back at that youngster coming into this industry all those years ago, I wanna know what advice would you give him? Would you do things exactly the same, or would you change?

BRIAN MAY: Oh, that’s a big question. I don’t think we could have done things any different. We just dedicated ourselves to it. We were very dedicated and we still have that sort of work ethic I suppose. What would we have done different? I think that we wouldn’t have signed up with that first management company. That was kind of a disaster, but then again, you’re young, you have no power, you don’t know what you’re doing. Somebody comes along and offers you a deal so you go for it, but, you know, that seriously wounded us for long time, and it still does. We still pay those guys. So, you know, it’s okay. But, probably that I would have preferred not to do.