Brian and Kerry on BBC Radio Stoke


Brian and Kerry were interviewed by James Watt on BBC Radio Stoke, which went out in the afternoon programme.This iinterview ahead of their Candlelight Concerts starting in February.

Brian May & Kerry Ellis with James Watt BBC Radio Stoke 23 01 2014

JAMES WATT: Do you practice the guitar still Brian, or not – or is it you just got it?

BRIAN: Well I practice a lot for this, ’cause it’s different. Actually I started off on acoustic and for years that’s all I did, which is unusual. These days, you know, kids can get guitars straight away, but I didn’t, so going back to my roots, and I love that accompaniment thing.

There was also a phone in contest to decide the Unofficial Official Top 5 Best Hair in Rock ‘n’ Roll 2014, results as follows:

No 5 Deborah Harry
No 4 Rod Stewart
No 3 Tina Turner
No 2 Leo Sayer
No 1 Brian May

The programme played out with “Driven By You”: – marvellous !!