Queen* blasts Wills Hunting -” er. That’s Queen star Brian May


17 February 2014 by Natalie Edwards

Brian May
Rocker and campaigner Brian May

QUEEN rocker Brian May has slammed Princes William and Harry — saying their slaughter of animals has “sickened” him. The wildlife crusader branded the royal hunters “inhumane” — and even compared them to 19th century supporters of slavery.

Both princes were widely criticised after The Sun revealed they spent a weekend shooting wild boar, stags and partridge on a posh estate in Spain. Just days later Wills and dad Prince Charles took part in a campaign to HALT the killing of wildlife, including elephants.

The Sun headline
The Sun front page

Guitarist Brian, 66, told The Sun: “It made me feel sick. This is right at the heart of the problem we are looking at in this government.

“It’s the whole attitude of the privileged classes — you can rescue rhinos and elephants in Africa but kill at will anything you want if you’re rich. It’s an attitude I’m very familiar with as I’m used to talking to people who justify tearing living foxes apart with packs of dogs.”

Brian, an animal rights award winner for his work to stop badger culls, blasted Wills and Harry’s behaviour as “archaic”.

He said: “It’s not logical, justifiable or humane and is the same as people in the 19th century trying to justify slavery. Such people would insist slaves didn’t feel like they did. Now they’re saying these animals don’t feel like we do so it’s OK to hunt them and do what we want with them. That is an archaic way of thinking and it has to go.”

The musician — who is a CBE and played guitar on top of Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee — said he would like to meet the Princes “to find a way forward.”

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