Brian May RTL TV News interview with Sabine Dabe ahead of Q+AL show


12 October 2017

Next month Queen has a a concert in Amnéville. In the run-up to this, we were invited to Brian May’s country home for a very exclusive interview.

Brian May RTL TV News interview (26/09/2017) promoting Q+AL.

On November 12, the band Queen, along with the American singer Adam Lambert, was in Amnéville on stage. The only occurrence in France, which is being carried out in the context of their European tour. The well-known British rock band celebrates the 40th anniversary of the release of her album “News from the World”. And in the run-up to this tour we were invited to London, and the legendary guitarist Brian May’s home country. In a good 20 minutes, he gave us his own talk and answers, and spoke about his private interest with us, as well as the band and the concert, and of course we did not go along the theme “Luxembourg”.

The interview with Brian May (in English) can also be viewed here. Did you know, for example, that he is a very big animal lover and his hobby astronomy?

Brian May with Sabine Dabe RTL News 26 Sep 2017 ahead Q+AL Luxembourg show