My Mum would have been 100 today – Cosmic – Sunday Brunch

Brian and his mother - colorised by Sarah Rugg
Photo © Brian May (colorised by Sarah Falk)

My Mum would have been 100 years old today. Here we are in a happy moment on Worthing (I think) beach in the late 1950s. I’m trying to work out whether gazing at this makes me happy or sad right now. Thanks for the lovely colorising, Sarah Falk.

Happy Birthday dear Mum.

Check this out, folks. Cosmic.


Sunday Brunch ad

If you’re around in Britain this Sunday – tune in to Channel 4 from 9.30am – for a play of a fragment of my “Back to the Light – Time Traveller” video – for which I am grateful. Thanks- Sunday Brunch, Tim Lovejoy, Simon Rimmer