Hello !!! Bri-TV


Hello !!! BRI-TV is alive and well, if a little sleepy !! See you in a while ! GOOD MORNING BRITAIN IS AROUND 8.30am. Watch it on ITV Or behind the scenes at my end right here ! [INSTAGRAM]

Hello !!! Bri-TV

Hey folks

This is me just testing if BRI-TV tv still works. It’s a beautiful day apparently so i’m looking forward to seeing you all out there. On my way to a lovely little venue and I’ll switch on and show you when I get there.

My first event proper is 8.30 when i’m speaking to GMTV which is ITV channel in Britain, so good morning to you if you’re in Britain. Good evening if you’re someplace else, pretty pretty late in California and in New York it’s okay isn’t it. Australia I don’t know. God, this live thing is quite amazing. Anyway looking forward to the whole thing.

Thank you for helping me launch Back to the Light and I can’t wait to reveal it to you which is 2.15. 2 15 British Summer time here and I believe 6.15 in California, 9.15 in New York … [God] pleasure see you in a while.

Getting prepared !

Getting prepared


Bri TV: Good Morning Britain (Behind the scenes) 10 Sept 2021


At the coalface !!! – and thanks folks for joining us on BRI-TV !!

Sky TV News !!

Bri TV: Sky TV News (Behind the scenes) – 10 Sept 2021

Press Association interview !

Bri TV: Press Assoc (Behind the scenes) – 10 Sept 2021

8 mins to showtime !!!

Bri and planets - drawing by @siham.mercury

The show !!! …

Brian May: BTTL video launch – Intros only 10 Sept 2021


Last calls !!

Thanks so much everyone !

Bri TV – Thaks folks – 10 Sep – 09
– https://youtu.be/Q68MzI7FEs4