A New Year – An old battle – A new hope


The signs are there…

I have put a comment on the attempt to smear John Bercow, the Speaker in the House of Commons, on our Facebook page.  I have been lying relatively low over the last month, but doing some quiet research.  I considered commenting on the awful “Giant Fox” story, which was certainly depressing … and in time I may do so , along with the laughable ‘fox bit my finger’ story.  The Daily Mail is obviously desperate to foster fear and loathing of innocent creatures … 

But I have left it to others to comment, and truly we have been heartened by the fact that these stories have been instantly seen through, and put in their place, by a growing group of sensible decent people, and it certainly begins to feel like there is less need for me to be whipping people up and pointing out the obvious.

The story on Mr Bercow is different.   I believe that Mr. Bercow is a very decent and brave man.  And such people of course attract the smears and jibes of those who are still clinging to their right to kill and maim at will … and are outraged if someone goes against them.  How easy would it be for Mr Bercow just to shrug it off, and sit on the fence, for an easy life?  But no … along with his equally courageous wife, he is speaking up for what he now believes is right.

I believe men like this deserve all the support we can give them.  Please write your approval to him, or voice it in the media.  And I hope that especially the good people in his constituency will rise up to bestow praise on him. 

So I have published a comment … which I’ve pasted below, on the SaveMe Facebook page – as a nudge to all of us to lend our support to a good man.  He will not be alone.  There will come a day, I predict, when even Cameron will fight shy of confirming his support for this obsolete fringe of Old Conservatism.   The cruelty must stop.   It is written in the stars. 

cheers all


It’s a sign of the direction things are going. Now that the ‘vote on the vote’ on the repeal of the Hunting Act has been pushed into an indefinite future, as the Coalition struggle to maintain some sort of credibility, those diehard advocates of the despicable bloodsports are getting more and more desperate to reclaim their lost ground. This week, they attacked the House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow, for having a mind of his own! He is an enlightened convert – a supporter of the Hunting Act which is building protection for our wild animals. Of course, the suggestion from the Hunting community that having an opinion is an impediment to being impartial as Speaker is laughable. If that were the case, the only fit candidates for the job would be robots. And that fact that Hunt supporters have sunk so low as to question his integrity purely because he does not agree with their view, and does not support cruelty to animals, is nothing less than a disgrace.

But it does highlight very clearly the drift towards decency which is beginning to accelerate. More and more former advocates of Fox-Hunting and other barbarities are finding the courage to stand up and speak their minds … contrary to the party line. We admire these people … led by the Conservatives Against Fox-hunting group … and we applaud the courage of Mr Bercow and his wife in speaking up for the magnificent wild animals of this country – and their right to live a life free of persecution.

More power to you sir !