*** Save Our Badgers ***


A new phase begins – as Spelman declares war.

Dear Folks,

Our heads and hearts are heavy following Caroline Spelman’s announcement this week that the Government intends to push ahead with ‘pilot’ Badger Culling across England.

It’s a depressing prospect. Despite the efforts of all animal welfare organisations and the advice of top scientific experts, the Government has refused to accept that culling of badgers certainly can not eradicate bovine tuberculosis, and is entering on a highly irresponsible, immoral, and scientifically unsound war on our wildlife. The news for farmers is bad too. In choosing the option of allowing farmers to shoot badgers, instead of the trapping used in all previous trials, the Government runs a risk, in embarking on this awful course, of actually increasing the prevalence of the disease. This is because of the ‘perturbation’ effect – in effect, badgers wrenched out of their family groups and – if we believe they are indeed significant carriers of the disease – spreading infection to neighbouring farms. It’s a total disaster in the making.

So what can we do The League Against Cruel Sports have launched a petition to oppose the cull. 100,000 signatures are needed to make politicians sit up and take note. At the time of writing, the League have gathered almost 19,000 signatures, and so we are calling upon the good folks of Save Me to help spread the word.

Please sign the petition today and send it to everyone you know. It takes no more than 3 minutes. There is also the option to print the petition, so you can take it to that barbecue/summer fete/party/football match you plan to attend this weekend – and gather more support.




LET US NOT FORGET THE FOXES. Your signatures and filled-in petitions to oppose the repeal of the Hunting Act are still coming in daily. We are eternally grateful for your efforts, and for anyone who has not filled it in … here is the site.


As the weekend closes, be sure to appreciate all the magnificent British Wildlife that we so often take for granted. And let us try to ensure that our grandchildren will have the same opportunity. It all depends on us.