One Show – One Vision of badgers


Well, we have with great pain, condensed two long days of filming into a four and a half minute film for THE ONE SHOW, tonight, Friday. I hope it was worth it!

It is an attempt to explain in simple terms the very complex issues involved in the current debate on how to control Bovine TB. I want people to realise that this will affect everybody – not just farmers. The whole future of our wild animals is at stake, as thousands of badgers sit on Death Row, waiting for a decision on whether the government will go ahead with its proposed Badger Cull. I have striven to be fair and accurate … while still making my point of view clear. I’m sure there will be people writing to me to tell me I should never have even tried this … but I can only follow my instincts and my heart. My director and editor will be polishing the piece today, Friday, and I will be mentally preparing for those fleeting moments on the couch in the ONE SHOW studio. Wish me luck!

I will then be hot-footing it over to support my amazing wife as she performs her first dance in public, under the hot lights of Strictly Come Dancing. I have never seen her have so much fun – she has found her true love, I think! She has dancing in her blood, I think … it just never got the chance to come out until now. So … well, wish us both luck, I guess.

Kerry, by the way, is also stepping up to the plate. She is doing a show based on Q & A at the Shaw Theatre in London – actually 2 shows, on Friday and Saturday. I’m sure it will be great … so, best of luck to her too! Not sure if there are any tickets left … but … you never know …