The One Show


I will be on the sofa on Friday on the ONE SHOW – introducing a short film we have made on Cows, Bovine TB, and Badgers, the idea being to raise awareness of the matter in the wider public. It’s the result of two whole days’ filming with the Pat and Jeff Hayden of the Badger Trust, and Jan Rowe the spokesman on Bovine TB from the National Farmers Union. Apart from the purely informative intention, it was my hope to bring about some actual conversation between the opposing camps in this debate, which has been turning into a very depressing stalemate. It is a very tricky situation, but I am hoping that this work will help break the deadlock, and ultimately save needless bloodshed in our countryside. Because, of course, while this is about inconvenience and distress for many dairy farmers, and the premature loss of their animals, for the badgers, this is nothing less than life or death.