Asteroid Toutatis – in 3-D


Asteroid Toutatis

This is a stereo I’ve extracted from the movie NASA made by radar imaging of Asteroid Toutatis, which recently passed very close to the Earth. It’s a few kilometres in size, and very irregularly shaped – something like a peanut shell. They say it’s about half the size of the asteroid which smashed into the Earth 65 Million years ago and wiped out the Dinosaurs. They also say we’re not in immediate danger in the next few hundred years when this huge lump of rock returns (frequently – next time is 2016) – but if the orbit gets perturbed in the future … this could well, some day, be a very disruptive arrival at the surface of our blue planet.

To see the movie ….


P.S. My Dad would have enjoyed this … maybe the first-ever Radar imaged 3-D astro picture ? He worked on the development of RADAR in WW II.