The Badger Cull Debate tomorrow


This debate is a very important step for animals and people in Britain.

That fact that it is happening at all is due to the tireless efforts of Mary whichever, the Shadow minister of DEFRA. But though this is technically an Opposition Day Debate, led by Labour parliamentarians, its content is way above party politics. There will be speakers in favour of the motion from ALL parties, and it’s important that everyone realises that this endeavour is actually driven by a special kind of cross-party endeavour quite unique in our history. This is by no means an attempt to bring down the Conservative Party. Many of the most passionate speakers will be Tories, and their intention is to make a watershed in the campaign for Animal Welfare, which will be seen by future generations as a vital step towards decency. Just as, in the end, Wilberforce’s campaign to abolish slavery became an issue which rose above politics, so will this crucial decision be seen in the future as calling out to be an all-party moment of choice.

The ordinary people of Britain, in which I count myself, do care – do wish that Britain be a leader in progress towards an ethical landscape. There is no doubt that public opinion will take us there in the end. But we need it sooner rather than later, after the blood of hundreds of thousands of highly intelligent mammals is spilt all over our countryside, for a project which CANNOT eradicate the scourge of bTB. And cannot alleviate the suffering of farmers, even though some of them have been led to believe it can. We will all be watching tomorrow to see which Members of Parliament have the courage to put their names on the ticket to a better future for all.