Today is the day. David and Goliath


For all animal lovers, and seekers after decency in the human race, today is an important day. In the scenario of Britain as it is, we who are fighting for 100,000 small and tragically abused creatures, are passionate, but lacking in armoury. Those who are determined to try to solve a problem by mass killings are strong, and rich, armed with big guns, and well-connected, all the way to the seat of ultimate power in the land. They hold all the trump cards. They are Goliath, and we are David. Whichever way things go today, ours is to accept, and know that there is a long-distance thread to this, which sooner or later leads to justice, and mercy. David just might slay Goliath, or he might not, but, either way, this is a fight which, in years to come, will be remembered as part of the journey which made Britain a better, kinder place: for badgers, for cows, and for people.


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BADGERS: Praying for David to defeat Goliath in the Commons debate today. The lives of 100,000 highly intelligent animals hang by a thread. I can’t be at the debate tomorrow. I am a very long way away, on a journey I had to make. But my spirit is with our team in the HOC today.