Comet ISON in glorious 3-D


After days of intense study of the Government’s dastardly decision to extend the failed badger cull by a preposterous 8 weeks – a desperate attempt to put a sticking plaster over a gaping wound … I needed a break.

Comet stereos never lose their magic for me. Even if I am taking liberties with Nature …

This wonderful photograph of comet ISON by Damian Peach screamed out to me. The delicate tracery of that fabulous tail – the exquisite thought that it might develop into a Great Comet at the end of the year …


So I carefully separated it from its star background …

Comet ISON extracted from star background

And then, having done the opposite trick as well (removing the comet form the star field) I was at liberty to start generating a stereo pair – to be viewed in parallel, free-viewing, or if you have your OWL stereoscope handy … enjoy !!!!

Comet ISON stereo

Cheers !