Reason to try to make a difference


[See an impassioned LETTER HERE from Steve…]

All I can say is these very questions are the reason people like me become angry enough to plunge in and try to make a difference. But it’s endlessly frustrating and disappointing. You have described a bleak scenario, but I’m sorry to tell you what you describe is only the tip of an unspeakably ugly iceberg. It’s worse than this. And not appreciably improving. And there are reasons why we struggle endlessly for such little gain – there are nasty evil people and organisations all over the world which fight endlessly to keep things as they are … because they benefit from abusing animals, in Power, or Money, or Pleasure.

These are the questions which you would hope would make people in the end have to get off their backsides and DO something. But sadly not many do.

Thanks Steve. Use your anger and compassion as driving forces.