Tories demand hunting ban overhaul pledge in manifesto


Refers to – WMN: Tories demand hunting ban overhaul pledge in manifesto
23 April 2014

I very much hope that these old school backbenchers will get their way in this. They want a return to using packs of dogs to be built into the Conservative Party Manifesto ? Well, what a great idea. The public needs clarity. Of course, only the pro-cruelty MPs will support this idea, and it will be easy for the public to see exactly what they are voting for. This time, the electorate will vote from a much more informed point of view. I believe the British Public will reject any attempt to relax the ban on fox hunting and other anachronisms, and will bang the last nail in the coffin for those who want Britain to return to animal abusing sports. Yes !! Neil Parrish is doing our job for us !

It will be quite amusing to see what happens if blood sport advocates Simon Hart and Neil Parish DON’T get their way. I guess they are expecting the rich farm owners to vote Labour ?!