Can money buy compassion ?


[Refers to TELEGRAPH Labour ‘took badger group’s cash
23 April 2014]

Well there’s a thing. Someone who wants to see justice for animals is giving financial support to a party which has pledged at the highest level to push for just that? How terrible !!! Of course the Conservative party would never accept a donation that might influence their policy decisions, would it now ?!!! Tee hee. Let’s have a quick look at where their donations come from, shall we ? I wonder if there’s any money coming in from people who advocate blood sports ?! Or from those whose vast fortunes are made from the shooting of defenceless birds?

Oh no – that couldn’t happen in British politics – could it ? That would be corrupt, right ?

My God – this country needs a profound shake-up.

I’m still fiercely adhering to my a-political status. We have some great Tory MPs supporting our calls for the defence of wild animals. So you won’t find me funding a political party as such. But we as Save-Me have promised to support any individual candidate for Parliament who has a genuine commitment to the rights of animals to live without persecution. Anyone from ANY party.

If Mr Davies feels that the welfare of animals would be served better by a Labour Government, he is absolutely entitled to support them. That is, until this whole shabby British Parliamentary system is dismantled and replaced with a system which actually DOES give the common man a proper say in the way the country is run.