This is Munich (+ Selfie videos)


This is Munich – the famed Olympia Halle – scene of many a former triumph with Freddie back in the day. Of course for us Munich holds a million memories – of the days when we spent literally months in Musicland Studios – becoming more or less residents of the city and getting into way too much trouble. In fact it’s true to say that Munich diverted the course of all our lives – all four of us. Returning to the Olympia Halle to such a massive welcome, with Adam in pole position, was a very emotional moment for me.

And thankfully I was sufficiently recovered from the flu to actually be able to take stock and enjoy the audience. I thought it was a very focussed show from us – with time to have fun and break out a bit. That hall is amazing, effectively a giant rigid tent, with a huge floor area – thankfully packed with a crowd of the most committed music appreciators anyone could wish for.

Servus, Good Bavarian Folks ! Til soon, I hope.


Selfie Stick Video – MUNICH Olympiahalle [February 2, 2015] – Brian May

Selfie Stick Video |3-D| MUNICH Olympiahalle [February 2, 2015] – Brian May

Brian in Munich
Brian in Munich