Notes on Hunting Act Exemption – a letter !!!!


[In reply to Pankaj – who has some concerning observations to share on the Hunting Act Exemption proposals – SEE LETTERS and
2015 No. 0000
The Hunting Act 2004 (Exempt Hunting) (Amendment) Order 2015 ]

Very interesting, Mr P.

You always penetrate to the real depths.


Yes, one of our other advisors also picked up on that sinister bit on disease – and noticed it could be used to set packs of hounds on badgers. God preserve us. Are they really that hideously devious ? Yes, probably they are.

To see the difference in force between the Scottish law and the English one is quite sobering. Six months in jail is the max sentence in Scotland. Just a fine in England. How dare Cameron pretend that this amendment brings the two acts into line ? I constantly try to find ways of believing that Cameron would not lie about things like this … surely not ? He’s a decent man, and our Prime Minister. But this ? It’s another deliberately misleading claim, as part of the pretence that this amendment is all about helping Highland farmers. Awful. It’s inconceivable that Cameron has not read these Acts, isn’t it ? Or didn’t understand what he read ? Of Paterson, I’d believe it … he’s really not the sharpest tool in the box … and I could believe he never bothered to really find all this out. He just wants full scale fox hunting back. But to be forced to believe that Cameron really IS all about bringing back cruelty ? Even though we’ve seen ample evidence which pointed in that direction before, it’s horribly upsetting.

“The new amendment is entirely geared to making prosecution more difficult.“


I don’t doubt that you’re right about this, too. Even more depressing.

We have to somehow let the public know about this … but of course Cameron has given us no time to do it. Deliberate, without a doubt. How can this be urgent enough a concern to warrant squeezing it in just before recess ? So Machiavellian. Well, he may just get away with it.