Good morning Amsterdam !!! – and we are set – Ahoy


Good Morning Amsterdam !!! I need to get refocussed today – starting right here in the gym. Rockin’ tonight at the fabulous AHOY. Boy, do we have a history with this place !!! Thank you, lovely Dutch folks, for packing it out one more time for us – we will give it our ALL !!!

Brian - Amsterdam morning gym
Brian – Amsterdam morning gym

And we are SET !! Let’s rock the AHOY ! Let’s go DUTCH ! Yaaay !!! Yep. That’s the best I got. Good job I can play a bit of guitar … !

Brian May: “And we are SET !!! AHOY !” – 27 June 2018

Hoorah !! My Bro’ Matt came to rock tonight !!

Matt Taylor and Bri - Rotterdam
Matt Taylor and Bri – Rotterdam