The Lonesome Traveller


Brian in BA Airport lounge

Very much the lonesome traveller. The start of a new adventure – heading for a residency in Las Vegas. Who would have thought it ? A quick meal in British Airways lounge. Listening to George Harrison’s solo in Let It Be coming over the background speakers – and thinking how great he was. And how sad life can be. Aaah.

Missing these guys

Missing these guys at Twickenham Studios – who are slaving away on the final mix of Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie. A completely world class team – polishing every foot and every inch of the film to the max. It’s truly awesome. Am I allowed to say that ?!!! Good luck with Reel 3 !!!

Coffee art

Amazing coffee art ! Thanks Momoko !

The Times

My thoughts as I leave a Britain descending into chaos ? As I see it, a no-deal Brexit means only one thing – utter failure. Time to pull the plug. Maybe by the time we get back it will all be over – just like a very bad dream. And we will once again look towards building a truly International community. 

Rami and Gwilym on stage

This is getting more and more crazy !!! This image from the BR film just released by Fox. Even I’m not sure what’s the Real Life any more !!! And what’s Fantasy !!!