On the Fox Lot


Entering the FOX lot in LA in the afternoon sun. Excited ! Gotta love it. Oh yeah … they made THOSE films !!!

Entering the Fox Lot

Nearly at the screening room. With a FOLLOW ME escort. It’s … a moment !!! 

Brian May: Nearly at Fox Screening Room 09/09/2018

Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie. Yes !!!! The sign-off !!!! I can say nothing except … it’s in my humble opinion stupendous, and does full justice to a dear friend. Respects and gratitude to the entire BR team. The rest is in the hands of … all you folks out there. Pheeeeeuuuw. That was some journey. But life is like that – right ? Wow – after roughly nine years of dogged determination, the day finally dawned. A moment to savour and remember.

20th Century Fox screen

Bohemian Rhapsody World Premiere on sale Monday 10/10/2018


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