URGENT ! ! ! Please help find Mizzi – and Vegan Shoes


URGENT ! ! ! Please help find Mizzi. Last seen Monday night in CAMBERLEY AREA. If you live nearby or know anyone that does please, spread the word. Get people to check their garages or potting sheds or outhouses. If not … thanks for your prayers.

Lost Mizzi

THANKS Umberto and YATAY for presenting me with these fabulous VEGAN shoes !

My story is —-

I was getting fed up with trying to explain why an animal campaigner would be wearing skins of animals on his feet. I reasoned with myself that I needed to go with tradition – stick with what had been my habit ever since Live Aid. Nike and Adidas were part of my make-up. Right ? But … really there was no explanation. And vegan shoes were always uncomfortable – right ?

Well, I finally went for it for our opening blitz at the Oscars. I chose the brand new line of YATAY shoes – vegan, environmentally friendly, and – COMFORTABLE ! And also my conscience felt so much better. No more explaining to do !!! So now I am hooked. These new ones will do nicely for the Summer QAL tour. See you there folks !!

Remember ! You don’t have to be a Vegan to eat vegan food. Or buy vegan stuff. But every time you invest in vegan merchandise you invest in the health of the planet and the animals that live on it, including ourselves. And you don’t have to make any more excuses !! … see my legs !! 

Big thanks to Sarah Ann Murray for opening this door.

Yatay Shoes 01

Yatay Shoes - 02

Yatay shoes - 03

Yatay shoes - 04

And these are the vegan shoes making their debut at the opening of the Oscars 2019! Styling by Sarah Ann Murray.

Brian in vegan shoes, playing Oscars

Mizzi seated on armchair

Mizzi She’s back !!! Missy Mizzi is home safe ! THANKS so much to all you good folk who responded to this call for help. It makes me feel there IS hope for humanity – when we can all pull together to rescue good creatures, human and otherwise, from a heartbreak situation. Joy ! For more details please check Anne at SaveMe.

Mizzi was found about a mile and a half away – and had crossed many main roads – it would have been almost impossible to find her without help from the social media community.

The chap who phoned to say he had spotted Mia, had seen her through the ‘grapevine’ of Social Media. THANK YOU LARRY BAIN ! And all of you who made that grapevine happen.

At a time when we are all seeing many evils resulting from social media, it’s great to see a positive – reflecting the happy fact that most people, in fact, are decent and caring. Mozzi’s adopted sister Siamese, Mia, was very excited to see Mizzi back. Great story ! Thanks again folks.

Anne (amazing CEO of Save-Me, who has rescued thousands of wild animals over the years) says:

“She’s back found in Yockley, thin and very pleased to see us. She’s now home and wanting lots of cuddles and food. Losing lots of fur and dehydrated. Thank you so much to everyone who has contacted us. We have spent all night, this afternoon and this evening chasing sightings. People have been so kind from so many places and I am truly grateful for all the help and support. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, it worked. We are very happy and all very tired. So blessed and just soooo very happy xxx“


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