Time for beauty !! – Bohemian Rhapsody Intro


Time for beauty !! Echinacea – a beautiful stereo view by Jane Sabini, otherwise known as @lunawest – is so perfect as an irresistible 3-D experience, I had to repost it (with her kind permission). As soon as I press this button to put it up, I’m going to imagine some folks out there shrieking “wow!” as they relax and let their eyes drift so the white spots come together – and suddenly, for the very first time, they see this stunning image leap out into glorious realism in front of their eyes !! Yes ! This could be the first time that 3-D free viewing has ever worked for YOU ! Let me know — OK ?

And I’d love to ask you all one more time, out of curiosity … Which of these views works best for you? The parallel one, or the cross-eyed one ? 

Echinacea - parallel

chinacea - cross-eyed

Echinacea - mono

Jane is an outstanding example of somebody who became impassioned by the idea of stereoscopic views, and in the space of only three years has become an expert with an unmistakable, distinctive style. As she points out, you don’t need expensive equipment to make great stereo views. This was taken with an iPhone 8 and the i3DSteroid app. Stereoscopy rocks !

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY INTRO — Thanks for all your comments on Freddie’s intro. Some of them make a lot of sense. Some of them don’t !!! But they’re all interesting ! Anyway, haven’t forgotten. I’ll report back on that soon.

Have a great week, folks.