Astro outreach !!!


Kwasan Observatory group

Astro Outreach !!! My thanks to Prof Kazunari Shibata for a great day visiting the historically important Kwasan Observatory near Kyoto last night. These beautiful classic telescopes were part of stories that led to great discoveries here, leading the world in Solar System Astronomy in the 20th century. I’m supporting the observatory’s fight to stay alive – a vital source of inspiration for a new generation of young amateur astronomers – kids whose imagination catches fire when they experience this glorious heritage. KEEP KWASAN ALIVE !!!

Bri and Prof Kazunari Shibata - Kwasan Observatory

Kwasan Observatory - data board

Bri and Prof Kazunari Shibata

This telescope was made in YORK, England ! In 1925. Somewhat against my will, they got me to SIGN the telescope mount – the theory being that if it had my signature on it the authorities wouldn’t be able to take it away !!! I hope it works !!!

Kwasan Observatory telescope

Kwasan Observatory - presentation

Kwasan Observatory - presentation

Prof Kazunari Shibata
Prof Kazunari Shibata

Welcome screen, Kwasan Observatory

Brian May pans around Kwasan Observatory nr Kyoto 27 Jan 2020